“Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations.”

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mushrooms, Sailor Moon, and Scripts

For a while now we've had some monstrous brown mushrooms growing in the front yard, and apparently, that was the spark to my dad's sudden obsession with mushrooms. Over Labor Day weekend we went out to the forest on a mushroom hunt with his special high-tech camera; it was horrendously humid, little insect vampires everywhere, yet surprisingly fun. I somehow spotted most of the mushrooms we came across while my dad manage to step over them (and I'm the one with glasses here). His real goal was to find some golden chanterelles, the fabled unusually delicious and extremely rare wild mushroom. We found them under some ancient trees, and by the end of our journey we had filled an entire bag! That certainly made for an interesting day (despite being covered in insects from head to toe).

Poor Pluto... Well,
she wasn't a planet anyways...
Being a Sailor Moon fan and having watched the 90's anime in multiple languages, I decided to start watching Sailor Moon Crystal a few weeks ago. I'm currently on episode 26 (only one more to go!), but I must say I really like this anime. It is much more fast-paced than the original and stays on point, and it makes me want to read the manga next (since this series actually follows the manga). The animation, however, is amazing and adds so much more magic to the show, despite a few awkward moments here and there. My favourite Sailor Senshi is probably Sailor Venus, although all of them are pretty cool to be honest. And did you know Tuxedo Mask's name in the Swedish dub of the 90's anime is Maskerade Rosen meaning "The Masked Rose"? A much more fitting name in my opinion!
Something I noticed while watching this anime, though, is the ancient moon script that keeps popping up everywhere! I've searched everywhere to find something about it and... nothing. It bothers me so much to not know about it! Maybe it is an actual Moon Kingdom conlang of some sort? Or perhaps they just took random symbols that went with the aesthetics?? Maybe I should just create a Moon Kingdom language of my own? Hmm... So many questions.
What is this? Is it a conlang!?
Normally when I use the word "script" it's in the context of languages, a writing system. This time, however, I am talking about a "script" in the theatre sense. Yes, I am in the process of writing a one act play in the Dryadian language called "The Princess of Camellias". I currently have 4 out of 7 acts of the rough draft written. "Why?" you must be wondering. Well, the previous year I took an Origins of Theatre class and the professor happened to be a Polish Director and teaches acting and directing. He was previously impressed with the monologue I wrote in my Qaaran'atl language and now here I am writing a play in Dryadian! Hopefully, if everything works out, we will be working together to put this play on stage and I will be language coaching the actors on how to pronounce Dryadian. This is really exciting and I can't wait to see how this turns out! My dad and I also created a real-life Dryadian harp over the summer, which will be featured in the play.
Du snwora zeń gavialno...?

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Deserts, Vampires, and Snakes

So I recently went on a trip to New Mexico, my birth place. I had quite an amazing time visiting White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and many other places. But it has come to an end, all too soon it seems. The desert is one of those exotic, almost magical places; it can seem so dry and barren at first glance, yet it's so full of life and adventure at every turn. Perhaps I only feel this way because I don't live there? XD

I've also been reading "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice, a very interesting book I must say. It has me craving for more and more, unable to put the book down, just as a Vampire craves for a mortals blood. :D And to top it all off, I've been watching the anime Hellsing Ultimate too. Arucard has seriously got to be one of the most epic characters of all time, same goes for Lestat... Geez, what's with all these epic vampire characters? Well, it certainly is an inspiration to work on my Vampiric conlang some more!
“I'm Gentleman Death in silk and lace,
come to put out the candles.
The canker in the heart of the rose.”
 I recently had the inspiration for a new conlang too, a Language of the Lamiae (part-snake part-human). The phonology is full of lots of fricatives and affricates, and there are even linguolabial consonants. The grammar is very peculiar so far, and there are many peculiarities with the lexicon too since they live in a desert environment and are poikilotherms. Hopefully I'll have a page up and running sooner or later that will go more into detail!
Thaw lhanpith țpelynuts pțacha nposromutph țelynets,
ce yphw atsylith sy phțimus.
And in other news I have surpassed 16,000 words on the story I'm writing! Yay! This story will use three conlangs I have created for it; Klubnarg, Suruturian, and Qaaran'atl. And of course I hope to have pages up for those in the future.
"Give me all your catnip, meow!"