“Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations.”

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hello, G'narotise! This is Valkyrja Freyjasdóttir, and although my real name is Jesse Holmes, I am also known to others as Ksawery, Zalaer, 태은, 志燁, and 海斗. So feel free to call me whatever you see fits best! I love linguistics, mathematics, conlanging, reading, writing, and learning. I am also a big fan of anime and manga, my favourite being Vampire Knight, and I enjoy music. I really like listening to different music from around the world in many different languages, and I listen to classical music quite a bit as I play the contrabass, violin, piano, and guitar. I am a polyglot, my best languages being English, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Mandarin, and I really enjoy traveling!
So with that little self introduction out of the way, I now welcome you to Malhalla, Hall of the Conlanger! "mál" is Old Norse for "language/word", and "höll" is Old Norse for "hall", so together they form Málhöll (hall of language), which is similar to Valhöll (Valhalla, hall of the slain). And this goes along perfectly with the name Valkyrja Freyjasdóttir (Valkyrie, daughter of Freya). This blog will be about, yup, you guessed it! Conlangs! :D Well also concultures, conmaths, writing, possibly some artwork here and there, and who knows what else.
Some of my conlangs (with concultures) include Meliae Dryadian, Dark Dryadian, Sirenic, Vampiric, Valravian, Hyendh, and many many more! In due time I hope to publish some pages with an overview of these languages, as well as possible folklore and stories with them.
So stay tuned! :D

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