“Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations.”

Classic Dryadian-English Dictionary

adcmel rogue, traitor, pig
adcym corpse flower, scum, smelly, shit
aedcel angiosperm; egg laying animals
aer air
aerdurym airport
aerfiet terrace
aerok gas
aertca food
aertca selotc to invade
aertcan amphibian
aertce PM
aertcit earthworm, worm
aertcur grocery store
aertcuz ant
aertcykratc continent
aertcym wasp
aertcyń mole
aertcystom geography
aervisc airplane
aervwom balcony
aerym dragonfly
aerytc soil/ground/earth
Aerytc Earth
aetc floor, storey
aevem surprise appearance
aevetc to appear (out of nowhere)
Aeza Asia
Afrika Africa
akordcion accordion
andatc peach blossom
andin almond, peach
anin pineapple
anumyk chair
anutc to sit
Ańyl England
ardcem addition
ardcemel (snwory) conductor
ardceń-eval ingulgent, enjoyable
ardceń'eval enjoyable, indulgent
ardcenem subtraction
ardcetc grow
(-u) ardcetc to add
(-wen) ardcetc to subtract
Argentina Argentina
armin lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime
Artym first dryadian month
Artymis moon goddess; one; white
arym sour, fall, east
arym dcesiuń right kite
aryzc heart, soul, mind
arzcin (kliva) ardcetc to imagine, think deeply about, day dream about
arzcu very
arzcysnwor laughter
Astralla Australia
atcyh clear-sighted
atcytc to abandon
avaen lettuce, artichoke
avin sunflower seed

baetc stomach
batces beetroot
beltc to pull
belym-belym stem rising; growing fast/strong
bevtc to break, to crack
bilbil dizzy, dizzily
bilyh tight
bimyk percussion, drum
birytc to judge
bitc to hit; to beat
biul horn
blusc poison ivy
boratc to pick (a flower); to take
botc to breath
brakaen broccoli, cabage, cauliflower
brakes turnip, raddish, horseradish, wasabi
bras peble
Brazyl Brazil
brevytc to take (by force)
bruh light
brun fan
brutc to give
btceliń colour
buk shy
busetc to fall apart
butc to play
bwor wall
bza one (native)
bzalon 10,000 (native)
bzańiulon 10,000,000 (native)
bzańiur 1000 (native)
bzavaelon 100,000 (native)
bzavaer seven (10) (native)
bzavel 100 (native)
bzavelon 1,000,000 (native)
bzcatc to do
bzcilym test
bzcilytc to assess
bzcot fun/interesting
bzcotcen boring
bziryk beetle, annoying, asshole
bzul near, close
bzut weak, junky, falling apart, shabby

daen grand/magnificent
daen offer
daeretc to addorn, to wear
dah tall, overlooking
daharzcuń clever
Danmaryk Denmark
der string
der (zdcary) floss
dertyń bow (instrument)
deryk string instrument
derytc to stop, cancel
detcyr virtue
dhelyk modest
draem wood
draemep woodpecker
draemuz bark beetle
draemyh dryadian harp
drevel female/girl (human)
drian octopus
driatc dryas flower
dris tree/word
dris mlodcy thought, idea
dris snwory a piece of music
dris'aertcan tree frog
drisa mlodcia/mlodce stotc to think
drisel person, same generation, sibling
drisel arzcydrisy uncle/aunt (father's)
drisel ksaly uncle/aunt (mother's)
Drisiul Saturn
dristom grammar
drisyf older child, son, daughter, teenager
drisyk squirrel
driuz spider
durmyk furniture
durym house
dus every, all
dusytc to subjugate; conquer
dwesc tendril
dwetc to stand

dcakaen dill, parsely, lovage
dcakel rabbit
dcakes carrot, parsley root
dcakin cumin, caraway, anise
dcań five (native)
dcańyh branch, arm
dcar tooth, pause
dcarotc to pause, to stop
dcarpietc toothpaste
dcartyń toothbrush
dcedcań pentagon
dcehrow triangle
dcekoń dodecagon
dceksin coconut
dcel two (native)
dryadian month
dcepaeros circle
dceraw hexagon
dcerys animal
dcesa octogon
dcesa octogon
dcesaha undecagon
dcesaka nanogon
dcesata decagon
dcesin date
dcesiuń quadrilateral
dcesyk block
dcevyn elk, moose
dciratc to rest
dco for, because of
dcoklivy why
dconda-dconda rumbling; thunder; earthquake
dcoryf lid
dcorytc to open
dcrow dirty
dculin plum, apricot
dcumel police officer, guard
dcundurym police station
dcur hard, difficult
dcusvurem survival
dcusvuretc to survive
dcutc to guard, protect
dcwotc to become

eghros humid, wet
ehyr clear; transparent
ekatc impure, blemished
elatc lilac flower (young, innocent, naive, stupidly confident)
elin olive
Elman Germany
elodcyk contrabass
elos nose
elosa nwetc to sneeze
elosetc to smell
elosyk elephant
elotc low
elvise together; jointly
elyf joint; together; united
Elyf Zaerytc Amergy (EZA) United States of America (USA)
elytc to connect, join
enael unbreakable, omnipotent
ers'sen davu I'm sorry, sorry
ers'setc (ersa zetc) to blossome
ersa brutc to apologize
ersym butterfly
eryh rainbow
erys blossom
Espan Spain
Ewrop Europe
ezeńaerytc construction site
ezendurym factory
ezeńem creativeness
ezetc to build/make

fabzcol grey
fagor light/faint yellow, tan, sand
fagrevor light orange
fam multiplication, exponentation (neo)
farun rare
faryn blue
fasvur light green
favaryn light blue
favaryn light blue
favighem light purple
favighes light purple
fazcel light red
fazvur light green
fem division, logarythm (neo)
fiel medicine
fieldurym pharmacy
fiet floor
fietmel tuber, root
filot ambitious
fiotc to float
fiul mountain
fiulyk hill
fiatc brotherly love
fiadcel brother/sister/best friend
flom consumption, absorption, intake
flomur food stand, bar
floń'eval edible, drinkable
flondurym restaurant
flotc to intake, to swallow
(aertca) flotc to eat
(milaera) flotc to drink
flovrod dining room
folin olive
forma dress
foryk fork
Frańys France
fudra skirt

g'narotise hello, goodbye
gadc same, identical
gael throat
gaevtc to gather
galyk-galyk laughing loudly; sound of laughing happily
gel boulder
gelif shell, shield
gelok solid
gerutc to be indecision, deciding
gier repair, fix, correction
giera zetc to repair, to fix
gilise again
gitar guitar
godcym meaning, purpose
grunym failure
grunytc to fail
grut evil
grutchuń dangerous
grutcyh danger
gruvetc to hide
gruzceh painful, uncomfortable
Gruzcelis fire god; god of death; chaos; lucifer; seven; red
gruzcevtc to make someone uncomfortable, to act strange
gruzcit lie, deception
gruzur fireplace (colloquial, vulgar)
gruzyń ugly, burnt
gruzytc to burn
gryvel bear
gryvin black pepper
gryvuz beetle
gudc straight
gul health
guldurym hospital
gzambwor mirror
gzamyk display cabinet
gzamyk (scieraery) television
gzandurym museum
(-ise) gzań witc to look like, to seem
gzatc to see
gzirmyk monitor
gzirym figure, appearance, sight, thing
gzur mistletoe, asshole, selfcentered

ghaer lip, truth, fact
ghaeroń curtain, drape
ghaery'svem kiss
ghalvus always
gharym matter, affair, wager
gharytc to matter, to wage
ghas hand, split of a branch
ghas (stany) foot
ghaskyra sock, glove
ghasyf computer mouse
ghazvisc bracelet
ghel dream
ghela ardcetc to dream
ghela lestotc/hilytc to wake up
ghela scestotc to fall asleep
ghela stotc to sleep
ghela zestotc to take a nap
ghela zlestotc to be in a come, to pass away
ghel'ardcem dreaming
ghelstom sleep
ghelvrod bedroom
ghel'zestom nap
ghen brave
ghes reason
ghliv pocket
ghodc soon
gholaen green onion, leek, chive
gholep pidgeon
gholes onion, garlic
ghollef nipple, tree knot
gholyk goat, chamois
ghor awesome, good, nice
ghorise well
ghorol (ńworov) best (least bad)
ghorolis (ńworovis) better (less bad)
ghorolise (ńworovise) better (adverb)
ghorsu ardceń-eval funny
ghorsyf harmonica
ghorys voice
ghorys ńwetcy mystery
ghorys snwory melody, tune
ghozań pillow
ghraerytc desert (general)
ghremyk (zvermy) (hair) dryer
ghretc to dry
ghris'aertcan toad
ghuluń-ghuluń gulping; chugging
ghur whole, complete, all
ghurise completely
ghusetc to call out to;
ghuv familial love
ghuvel family (member)
ghwyn safe
ghymnel gymnosperm, live bearing animal
ghynem safety
ghyr dry

ha three (neo)
haem rain
haema kretc to rain
haeńyh rainwater pipe
halun March
Hanuk South Korea
har exponentation, tetration (neo)
haryf harp
hasmerys hummingbird
hasmollur honey (milk of bee)
hasym bee
Helatc Greece
Helsiul Uranus
Helvar fourth dryadian month
Helvaris sky god; four; blue
helys sky
helzaer weather
helzcier lightning
helze AM
helznwor thunder, cough
helznwora zetc to cough
her log, superlog (neo)
herytc to keep, to maintain
Hesyt Estonia
hetc to want
hiampesc perfume
hiań smell; fragrance
hiantyń deodorant
hiel unwavering; faithful; eternal
hilizc weapon
hilvisc comet
hilym end
hilyp consequence, result
hilys-hilys tossing and turning; unable to sit still
hilytc, hiletc to end
hin silver
Hina China
hiodel example
hiodelin for example, for instance
hiorytc to cook
hiovrod kitchen
hirytc to meet
hiubetc to happen, arise
hiur sick
hlaz eye
hlaz ersy eye-popping, surprised look
hlazyf contact lense
hlazyk lense
hlef cold
hlefyk fridgerator
hlefym the cold
hlevytc to cool (trans), to feel cold (intrans)
holos lone-/lonely/alone
holytc to leave, abandon
hom drisy/mem drisy message
hondurym post office
hotc to share
howluń-howluń moaning; yawn
hredc after
hredcehrow scalene triangle
hrelun next month
hretcmieryk tomorrow night
hrevaezcyl next week
hrevtc to change, switch
hrezcyl tomorrow, future
hrom multiplication
hron unconditional love
hronel lover
hronem division
hropaeros globe/sphere
hros time
hros(in) during, while, when
hrosaerytc universe
hrosise since, from the time
(-u) hrotc to multiply
(-wen) hrotc to divide
hrow three (native)
hrozarzcuń punctual
hruzc amazing
hrytc to wear
htcuń scared
htcutc to scare
huń'evalen indescribable
hur gold
Hursiul Venus
hurtcelin squash, pumpkin, zucchini
hutc to describe
hwar cup, white
hwar hasmollur lotion
hwaraz dust
hwarih pearl
hwarmilyk dishwasher
hwarsemytc swan
hwer pure; perfect
hworap emerald
hworatc orchid, weakling, wimp
hwyn sprout
hwyndurym preschool, daycare

ińgrem porch, entrance
Iran Iran
irytc to mean
Itcalla Italy
itcyh skinny
ityr fresh, new
iv mouth
izyn strange

ka one (neo)
kabysc sudden, unexpected
kael cute
kaes jade stone
kalon 1,000,000 (neo)
kalun January
Kanada Canada
kańiulon 10,000,000,000 (neo)
kańiur 10,000 (neo)
kapsin pepper
karaes-karaes twinkling; sparkling
kat bush
kavel 100 (neo)
kavelon 100,000,000 (neo)
kawrotc to observe
kedciun box
keliń crooked, bent
keratc cherry blossom
kerin cherry
keruz ladybug
kest pod
klarnet clarinet
kliv what
klivda something
klivu how
klutc attractive/interesting
Kollar second dryadian month
Kollaris sun god; two; yellow
kolon 10,000,000 (neo)
kolun December
kom twelve (10) (neo)
komvel 1000 (neo)
komvelon 1,000,000,000 (neo)
końiulon 100,000,000,000 (neo)
końiur 100,000 (neo)
kor yellow
koves sweet potato
kozmih jewel
kratc realm/land
kratcel person/being of the world
kratchom politics
kratcsaem war
kreltc to cheer
kremaerytc station, stop
kremvisc train
kreńgat car
kreńgrim movie
kretc to go
krevor orange
krim picture
krima zetc to draw
krimnur video game
krimnuryk video game console
krimyk camera
krisyf hamster
krisyk guinea pig
kritc to picture, imagine
ksal mother
kseratc to act
ksulit noodle, worm
ksulytc to elongate, to pull apart
Kuba Cuba
kudclar kudzu vine, bossy, jerk, control freak
kyr rock, stone
kyra bark, scale, clothing
kyrel reptile
kyrova underwear
Kyrsiul Mercury
kyryf shirt, t-shirt

laedurym church
laer god/goddess
laerytc temple
laes old
laghem pink
lanutc to stand up, to get up
lasyp nervous, uncomfortable
Latyf Latvia
lawrin avocado
ledcorytc to close
legrutc to choose, to decide
lehrytc to take off
lekretc to arrive
len (end of a) branch, finger
len (stany) toe
lescnytc to find
lef deep
lezetc to finish
libys fat
Litcyf Lithuania
Liviah Libya
lodc ice
lodcad xal
Lodcaerytc Iceland
lodcyk freezer
loh faint
lot flower/promise
(sierin) lota ardcetc to feel
lotcfiul glacier
lotollur nectar
lotur flowershop
Luhelys Uranus
lun moon
lunap sapphire
lurytc to get up, to sit up

maelatc apple/pear blossom
maelin apple, pear, quince, loquat
maelyf lamb
maelyk sheep
maetc to tie
maetyń post
mah bracing
Maser Egypt
melytc to hold
melytc microwave
memel zedrisy phone
mendris algebra
meńgzirym geometry
Mescyl Mexico
mesyk bowl
metc to exchange
miergel creature of the night, nocturnal being
mierguz cockroach
mieryk night
mierym dungeon
mil sea/ocean
mila wurytc to cry endlessly
milaer water
milaer nalmy waterfall
milaeryf shower
milaeryk shower
milaerytc bathroom, restroom
milan fish
milel siren, mermaid
milep seagull
milhwar toilet
milkuń shark, hydra
milok liquid
Milsiul Neptune
miluz lobster
Milvar fifth dryadian month
Milvaris sea god; five; blue
milvisc river
milvisc river
milyf dolphin
milyfyk lake, bathtub
milyk whale
milytc to push
mindef turkey
mios curiosity
miosyh curious
mirs'setc to smile
mirys smile
mlodce ardcetc to study
mlodcyf hat
mlotc head
mlozc scary, horrific
mlur village
mol far
Mońgol Mongolia
motel adventure
mredcorytc to reopen
mrezetc to reproduce, to remake
muluz-muluz falling water; plopping rain drops
muryn carefree
muscaen venus flytrap
muscan clam, muscle
mwetc mud
mydcem difference
mydcise instead, contararily
mytc different, other

nakin mango
nal soft
naldciun bag
nalel harpie
nalen hard/sturdy
nalńelos runny nose
nalyf bird, loudmouth
nalytc to fly
narot magic, negentropy
narotu thanks
narotu g'ardcevu thank you
narotyk battery
navytc to hint to; to lightly expose
nedcehrow equilateral triangle
nelun this month
netcmieryk tonight
nevarzcyl this week
nezcyl today, present
Nihoń Japan
nizc still, yet
nońgho-nońgho snoring; snort
nor young
norym youth
nov snow
nof new
novad snowelf
novziur blizzard
nraz sand
nrazad hyendh
nrazaerytc (sand) desert
nrazuz scorpion
nrest table
nrez way, method
nrezmel explorer
nrezym exploration
nrezytc to explore
nrutc beautiful
nrutcem beauty
nukretc to sneek, to tiptoe
nur game
nura metc to play a game
Nuryk Norway
nurytc to lie down
nuscmel whisperer, mumbler, someone who speaks softly
nuscom whisper, mumble
nuscotc to whisper
nwetc wind
Nwetcsiul Jupiter
nwetcyf flute
nwetcyk woodwind instrument
nwotc to put down
nyp moss
nyv short
nyv miluz crab
nyv'aertcan frog
nyven long
nyven arym dcesiuń kite
nyven ńul dcesiuń trapezoid
nyven swar dcesiuń parallelogram
nyven zcor dcesiuń rectangle
nyvn'aertcan salamander

ńarhelys sunrise
ńel left
ńier but
ńiuryf youngling, baby, child, son, daughter
ńiuryf drisely nephew/niece
ńiuryf drisfy grandchild
ńrum knowledge
ńrumel naroty computer
ńrumin sensable, knowledgable
ńrumyf laptop
ńrumyk computer
ńrumyk aertcy tcaelsmiruńy (ŃATc Global Positioning System (GPS)
ńrutc to know
ńul bitter, winter, south
Ńul Afrika South Africa
Ńul Ameryk South America
ńul dcesiuń isocelese trapezoid
ńulholsuń lonely, selfish, abandoned, lost (existentially)
ńulswar life or death, life-threatening
ńuluryh lachrymose, of or causing tears
ńurem pain (physical)
ńuretc to hurt
ńuryh painful (physically)
ńwel yes/to be so
ńwelen no
ńwelodc too/also
ńwetc true, truth
ńwor bad
ńworise badly
ńworol (ghorov) worst (least good)
ńworolis (ghorovis) worse (less good)
ńworolise (ghorovise) worse (adverb)
ńwotc to play
ńwotc(ine) during/when
ńwyn window

obow oboe
obtcih greedy
odremyk (zvermy) (hair) conditioner
(siera) odretc to condition, to accustom (one's self)
ollur milk
Ollurin Aerytc Milky Way
olluryk galaxy
organ organ
orhester orchestra
orytc (zvermy) ribbon, head band
ovaetc basement

paeros infinity
paerwen finite
palkev vwotc/kretc to run
palkev, palkise fastly/quickly
palyk fast/hurried
palyk-palyk franticly; in a hurry
panes ginseng root
pańytc to bend, to turn to the side
pedcor abrupt; random; interrupting
peghoń to be tired
peghoń faded; worn out
peghotc to tire
pempeń flat
Perow Peru
pesc pollen, sperm
pesc zvermy hair spray
pescym moth
petcyh accident
pewap diamond
pewatc peony
pian piano
pietc cream, paste
plevel male/boy (human)
podcyh bomb
pol more
Polysk Poland
porotc to try
potcyn normal; average; usual
poviatc stem
poviatc torso, chest, breasts
(siera) prehytc to concern (one's self)
pren shallow
pros heart/center
prosvet light source
Prughal Portugal
pscol black
pscol tcuryn black hole
psiretc to lock
psom help
psomwen helpless
psotc to help
ptcel silk
ptcelit silk worm
ptcirem success
ptciretc to succeed
ptcoryn building
puscan jellyfish
puscot mushroom
pusct zvely stair well
pusct/posct forest, book, story
pusctyk bookshelf
pweń lost
pweńmel lost being, lost person
pweńym lost item
pwetc to lose, to misplace
Pytcmer sixth dryadian month
Pytcmeris dark god; god of nothing; six; black

ramin jujube
rapsetc to weave, to sew
raw six (native)
rawatc lily flower
rawńa cat
rawyf kitten
rawyń feline, ocelot, cat, lily plant
resym skin/epidermis
riń right
robetc to pull
Romaen Romania
rovnyk knife
rovyn thorn, fingernail
rovyn (stany) toenail
roz clothing
rozcysk garden
rozcysk (stcur/ghur) paper/document
rozcysk luny calender
Rusa Russia
rutcin kiwi
rutcyf mouse
rutcyk rat
ruzcotc to harvest
rweń to be covered in morning dew
rybin currant, gooseberry

sa eight (neo)
sael important, precious, valuable
saemel warrior
saetc to fight
saha eleven (neo)
sahalun November
saka nine (neo)
sakalun September
saksofon saxophone
salun August
sapan blowfish
sapin lychee, chestnut
sapyk hedgehog, porcupine
sar addition, multiplication (neo)
sata ten (neo)
satalun October
seguń-seguń step-by-step, methodically
seloń stolen
selotc to steal
selyf crazy
selysc explanation
selzca brutc to explain
semel duck
semytc goose
ser subtraction, division (neo)
sevtc to wait
shetc to long for (painfully)
si this
Siam Thailand
siaver sword
siel quiet
sier one's self
sihredc then
sihros this time, this moment
sihrosav now, at this time
sihrosuń recently
siul planet
siul planet
siulyf asteroid, planetoid
siuń four (native)
siur storm
siv drawer
sizezcluń nowadays
smetc to long for
smir universe/world
smivermyk calculator
smiverym arythmetic
smov always
smoven never
snwor song/chant
snwor song, chant
snwormil music
snwormilin swetc to listen to music (activley) (int)
snwormilol fiotc to listen to music (relaxingly) (int)
snworuz cricket
snworyk instrument
sol honest
soles potato
solin tomato, eggplant
solzcit honesty, honest word
sor sun
sorelyf nice, comfortable, warming
sorelytc to comfort, to embrace
sormil hot spring
soruń pusct solar system
sorym warmth
sorytc to warm (trans), to feel warm (intrans)
spros intimate love
sprosel lover/concubine/bitch
stan leg
stan root
stanaerytc step
standurym bank
stańgyra pants
stascuń lizard
stcur vacant, empty
stcurym a blank
stelan squid
stelatc chickweed
stom drisy note
stomel (snwory) composer
stomtyń pencil/pen
stomyfet telephone
stomyk keyboard
stońaerytc plantation, grove, desk
stondurym school
stońghas phone, cellphone
stotc to plant
(drisa) stotc to speak/say
sulvem sadness
sulyf sad
sulyzc dissapointment
sulzcem disapointment
sun bud
Suriah Syria
svemur living room
sveńgrim video
Svenysk Sweden
sverel queen
svet light
Svetar seventh (zeroth) dryadian month
Svetaris light god; god of infinity; zero; white
svetc to touch
svetyk light, lamp
svit ceiling
svozlurmel murderer
svozlurytc to kill
svur green
svur'ardceń successful
svur'milaer medicine
Svuratc third dryadian month
Svuratcis earth goddess; three; green
svurem life
svuretc to live
svurise ers'sen davu I'm very sorry
Svursiul Earth
svuruz grasshopper
swadca nuscotc to tell secrets, to whisper
swadca scotc to tell, to bury seeds
swaera nusytc to eavesdrop, to listen quietly
swaera sytc to listen
swaeryf earphones
swaeryk headphones
swar sweet, spring, west
swar dcesiuń rhombus
Swara ghela ardceń gavu! good night; sweet dreams
swartcelin cucumber, cantelope, honeydew
swetc to swim
Swomin Finland
sworel princess
sym year
sytc to use

scabetc to edit, make suitable
scampon shampoo
scarzcydris grandfather
scdom beginning
scdomel begginer
scdotc to began, to start
scetc before
scedcehrow isocelese triangle
scedrisel aunt/uncle/parent's close friend
sceh nice, kind
scehrytc to put on
sceiron chimney
scekretc to leave
sceksal grandmother
scelun last month
scesvurem history
scetcmieryk yesterday night
scevaezcyl last week
scezcyl yesterday, past
scień clean
scier fire
scieraer electricity
scieraeryk electrical outlet
scierdurym fire house
scierel fireman
scierkuń dragon
Sciersiul Mars
scierstan charger
sciertyń candle
scierviul volcano
scierwatc star/firefly
scieryf flame
scieryf lighter, match
scieryk torch, flashlight
scierym firefly
scierytc fireplace
scik loud
scil bed
scińscir bored
scińscitc to bore
scnyndurym university, college
scnytc to find/look for
scnytc to learn
scotc to bury
sculys chair
scuń serpent
scuryk washing machine
scurytc to wash
scwaen bottle

ta two (neo)
taen early
Taewan Taiwan
talun February
telloh ridiculous, impossible
tellotc to ridicule, to make fun of
terytc to decorate; to tune
terytc to tune, to adjust
thahalun July
thakalun May
thalun April
thatalun June
thelys mean, cruel
thryfet device/machine
toh exact
tolys body
tos spore
tosyk sporangium
trah angry, furious
trombet trumpet
tryldurym bakery
trylin wheat, barley, rye
trylyk oven
tusytc to digest, cultivate
twel many
twelem pack, bunch
tylur bakery
tyń stick
tyńuz stick insect

tca four (neo)
tcaeba brutc to answer
tcael main, important
tcael arzcydris king, father tree, city hall, town hall
tcael hwyn prince, princess
tcael ksal queen
tcael rovyn sword (dryadian sword)
tcaem wardrobe
tcaemyf chest of drawers
tcaep answer
tcaer loyal
tcaerem loyalty
tcaha seven (neo)
tcaka five (neo)
tcan neck, receptacle
tcanvisc necklace, pendant
tcar face
tcata six (neo)
tcav attic
tcel late
tcela-tcela softly blowing; soft breeze; whispering
tcelan sea cucumber
tcelyk-tcelyk floating down; falling of leaves; one by one
tcep certain, absolute, adamant
tcetyr theatre
tchoha-tchoha coughing; hacking
tcin device instrument
tcinherym engine
Tciuryk Turkey
tclen cloth
tclozyf calf
tclozym cow, bull
tcmal tongue
tcońyl cave
tcum explosion
tcumvrod private office, study
tcundurym office building
tcuńem work
tcuńetc to work
tcuńmel worker
tcuryn hole
tcutc to explode
tcver sofa, couch
tcveryf bench
tcweh annoying, hastle

Ukraen Ukraine
urytc to fall down
utcyr random; by chance; unpredictable

vael vast, wide;
vaela-vaela flowing; flowing river; fluid
vaesel deer, stag
vaesin cranberry, blueberry, lingonberry
vaezcyl week
val petal
valin grape
valyn bright
vanin banana
vdcetc to know (someone)
vdculys butt
vedc carefull/meticulous
veluz centipede, milipede
vemil secret
vermel fairy, small bird
vermil tea
veryf puppy
veryk dog
veryk wolf, dog
verym leaf, hair, feather
verym smiry number
verymtyń hairbrush
vezc quote/said/etc
vezlur deciduous leaf
vi that
vibysc coast
Vietnam Vietnam
vighem purple
vihros that time, that moment
vihrosav then, at that time
vil mytc zekliv (vmz) etc
viola viola
violascel cello
violyn violin
vioryf pony
vioryn horse
viraetc extremely beautiful
visc vine
visc belt
viscan eel
viule-viule fill with water; teary eyes
vol cheek
vos hour
vosyf watch
vosyk clock
vozap ruby
vozatc rose
vrah dense
vretc to need, require
vrod room
vrodyf closet
vsemel king, leader, guide
vseńaerytc street/path/road
vsetc(fsetc) to guide
vtcaen door
vtcaenyf doorsill, doorstep
vtcelarytc market, shopping center
vtceldurym mall
vtcelur shop, store
vtcelytc to surprise
vtcelytc to shop
vtces soap
vtces zvermy shampoo
vtcilise at last, finally
vtcorytc to call, to name
Vtcuha Dusyń Hronal Amor Vincit Omia
vun five minutes
vuryn beaver
vwomvisc hallway, corridor
vwońaerytc sidewalk, walkway
vwotc to walk
vzetc strong
vzul small
vzul miluz shrimp
vzul milvisc stream
vzul milyfyk pond
vzularzcin selfcentered, stupid
vzulen large/big
vzulen mil ocean
vzuscuń snake

wadcan tadpole
wadcmel fruit, been pod, graid (seed carrier)
wadcym house fly
waer ear
watc seed, goal, dream, apprehension
wetcyh sepal
wisyf island
wisyp peninsula
witc to be/exist
woviań feared
woviatc to fear
wurytc to cry
wylmel vegetable (stem, leaves)
wylyf canopy, tree top, roof top

zae or
zaer occasion
zagor dark/bright yellow
zagrevor dark orange
zal gentle
zalen rough
zanutc to sit for a moment, to rest
zarvem happiness
zaryf happy
zavaryn dark blue
zavighem dark purple
zazvur dark green
zdcirytc to take a break
zedcara sytc to chew
zedris (tcmaly) language
zedris smiry mathematics
zedrisa gruzytc to shut up
zedrisa hotc to read aloud/give a speech
zedrisa lestotc to finish speaking
zedrisa metc to speak
zedrisa mrestotc to repeat one's self, to rewrite
zedrisa nustotc to talk under one's breath, to mumble, to talk to one's self
zedrisa ruzcotc to read
zedrisa scestotc to start speaking, to open one's mouth
zedrisa stotc to write
zehlazyk glasses
zehrosuń(ise) sometimes, from time to time
zehrytc to try on
zekretc to go for a moment, for a walk
zelep chicken
zelin corn, maze
zeratc to flutter; to dance fall
zesmuń for years
zestotc to practice
zesvetc to brush, to lightly touch
zghaera svetc to kiss
zghuvel family
zila jealousy
zileh jealous
zin minute
zińes ginger, turmeric
zlar bronze
zlekretc to delete (trans)
zlekretc to never return (intr)
zleporotc to be horrible at, to never get
zlescnytc to be lost, to constantly look for
zlurmollur poison
zlurym death
zlurytc to die
znalytc to jump
zrovyn baedcy stomach ache
zrovyn gaely soar throat
zrovyn mlodcy headache
zul possibility
zuluń possible
zurytc to trip
zvel steps
zvel stairs

zcael proud
zcaet zero
zcandaerytc valley
zcanyt grass
zcdutc to buy
zcel red
zcelveryk fox
zcem servitude
zcemel servant
zceńyt serious
zcer blood, sap
zcer zvermy hair dye
zcerit leech
zcertcelin watermelon
zceruz tick
zcerym mosquito
zcetc to serve
zcevhelys sunset
zcilioń yell/scream
zcoń type
zcor salty, summer, north
Zcor Ameryk North America
zcor dcesiuń square
zcorin pomegranate
zcoryk iris (of an eye)
Zcosen North Korea
zcuh cloak, jacket
zcun slow
zcuvtc to prepare
zcyl day
zcylun Monday
zcywar Sunday

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