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Zrozcysk Nrutcemy: Dryadian Poems

Rozcysk Nrutcemy (lit. “Garden/Sentence of Beauty”), or a "Dryadian Haiku", is a special kind of Dryadian poem consisting of 12 words, split between 4 lines with each line containing 3 words. The first line has one word and a compound word of 2 other words with the first set of alliteration, the second line then has a new sound for the second set of alliteration, then the next 5 words have a new sound of alliteration for the third set, and then the final word breaks off with its own beginning sound.


“Snwor Zedriady” 
Lohisie Luny-svetisie 
Zedrisisie Zalise Zverymise 
Nalev Nuscon Nwetcal, 
Nrutcie Narotie Artymise. 

“Song of the Dryads” 
Tis from the trees’ gentle 
Leaves of faint moonlight 
That the wind softly whispers 
To Artemis of beautiful nature. 


“Ardcelen Dris” 
Hlevine Holos-durgine 
Prosinie Pusctinie Pwelinie 
Smoven Sveń Soralen, 
Sorma Sheń Zedcańghale. 

“Tree Never Grown” 
Tis in the cold, lonely darkness 
Of a lost forest’s heart 
That the sun touches not 
To branches longing for warmth.


“D’erys Nwetciny” 
Mahise Mil-nwetcise 
Huńevalnisie Hwerisie Hronisie 
Svurma Sveń Soral, 
Swarise Selońin D’arzcin

“My Blossom in the Wind” 
Tis from the bracing sea breeze 
Of indescribable true love 
That the sun brings light to my life, 
Soothingly within my stolen heart. 


“Swarise Mierguń” 
Elodcoh Erys-lunoh 
Nuscolin Nalin Nwetcin 
Zvala Zandadcia Zeral, 
Zghaeriu Zalu Svemu. 

“Sweetly (Spring) in the Night” 
Tis underneath the low-hanging full-moon 
That within the soft whispering wind 
The dancing peach blossoms flutter 
With the gentle touch of our lips. 


“Elyf Hretc” 
Rawadciol Rweń-zvalol 
Ghorsu Ghoriu Gheliu 
Haema Hrezclia Husel, 
Hilelnie Hronie D’arzce. 

“A Future Together” 
Tis atop the dew covered lily petals 
With the voice of a marvelous dream 
That the rainfall of tomorrow calls out 
To my heart of endless love. 


“Snwor Hrony” 
Ardcelu Arzcysnworu 
Enaelise Elvise Ersise 
Hielise Hilyń Hronalen, 
Hwaroh Hrosoh Smirioh. 

“The Song of Love” 
Tis from our unbreakable bond 
With our mirth ever expanding 
That our love shall never end 
Outlasting the uncertainty of time. 


Molise Milnwetca 
Drisol Dwele D'arzce 
Nalu Narotu Nuscol, 
Nrutcuń Naghaeruń Ersuńy. 

"Sea Blossom" 
Tis far and wide that the sea-breeze 
Whispers with gentle, caring love 
To my heart high upon a tree 
Amidst the beautiful solace of a blossom.


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